Lafz – Why We Exist

During the Islamic Golden Age, a thousand years ago, in 1000 AD, Al-Zahrawi (an Arab Muslim physician, surgeon, dentist and chemist who lived in Al-Andalus, modern-day Spain)– widely considered to be the Father of Modern Surgery and also Modern cosmetics wrote Kitab al-Tasrif, a thirty-volume encyclopedia of medical practices. The book was widely followed by the medical fraternity Europe (which was the powerhouse of science and medicine then) and the rest of the world for the next 500+ years.

In the volume Adwiyat Al-Zinah (medicine of beauty), Al-Zahrawi wrote about the care and beautification of hair, skin, deodorants and fragrances, and many other products within the boundaries of Islam. Those were the glory days of the Islamic civilization.

And yet, in 2018, a Muslim has to make a choice between using a 95% alcohol filled deodorant or old-style Atar every single day. The same holds true for almost every item on a lady’s dressing table – either made from harmful, haram or najis ingredients or its use forbidden in Islam.

Our Story

At Lafz, we believe that every Muslim and every individual on this planet should be able to lead a modern lifestyle without any compromising on their value or belief systems. Lafz is a tribute to the genius of Al-Zahrawi and many others who created a path for us to look and feel great while adhering to the principles of Islam. At Lafz, we aim to bring back the age-old secrets of Egyptian beauty and Persian grooming and combine it with the best of modern science to make best-in-class halal beauty products for the Muslim community that are certified Halal Beauty Products, not made with harmful (najis) ingredients and in accordance with the Shariah.

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