Do we need Halal cosmetics? Or Halal Cosmetics – the Why and How

Islam is not merely a ‘religion’, with certain rituals to be practiced on certain days. It is a complete way of life that governs each and every aspect of it. We’re not only required to pray and fast in a prescribed manner; we’re also required to eat, drink, wear and even rule according to the injunctions of Islam. The Quran clearly tells us, “O you who have believed, enter into Islam completely [and perfectly] and do not follow the footsteps of Satan.”

When Muslims become conscious of their identity and want to practice Islam to the fullest they take care of everything that they do. They do not live their lives the way they want, rather they live the way that pleases their Creator. They do what is permissible (halal) and stay away from whatever Allah has forbidden and made Haram. They’re aware that whatever rulings their All-Wise and All-Knowing Lord has set for them are for their own good.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ has given clear instructions about Halal and Haram, and Muslims must take the utmost care in following these instructions. It is observed that most Muslims are pretty conscious about eating Halal, but they aren’t as conscious about using Halal cosmetics and personal care products. They do not realize that it is equally important.

Personal care products that contain Haram ingredients may become a hindrance in achieving purity (taharah)which is a prerequisite for the daily obligatory prayers. For example, alcoholic perfumes and deodorants are considered impure by many Islamic scholars. They consider it impermissible to pray in clothes that have traces of such perfume on them. Moreover, lipsticks and lip balms containing pork are totally impermissible as women are likely to swallow them. Hence, Halal-certified cosmetics come to the rescue!

Halal certified beauty products may appear as a new market trend but it isn’t a new concept. Muslims are very conscious about their cleanliness, health, and appearance and have been using personal care and beauty care products ever since. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ endorsed that we keep ourselves clean and healthy, take care of ourselves and beauty ourselves, especially for our spouses. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was once asked, “A man likes to wear beautiful clothes and shoes (does that come under arrogance)? He replied, “Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty.”

In the earlier days, adornment and personal care were done with common homemade items like oil, henna, kohl and the like. Nowadays, the number of personal care products has increased, thanks to the industrial revolution. We can find shelves upon shelves lined with a variety of cosmetics, designed for every individual need. But the problem is that almost all of these products are manufactured by non-muslims and there is no surety of whether they’re halal or not.

With every passing day, speculations arise about the legality of different cosmetics made by different brands. Conscious Muslims have to do their research and contact various brand representatives to make sure they’re consuming Halal. They’re seen skimming through each ingredient list, turning

Surah Baqarah, verse 208
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everything around, and upside down, to determine whether a product is suitable for them or not. However, they can now avoid this hassle by simply switching over to Halal certified products.

For a cosmetic and personal care product to be Halal, it must meet two necessary conditions;
1. It must not contain any ingredient that is haram or najis (dirty) – like pork, alcohol, meat from forbidden animals or meat from animals which are not forbidden but they weren’t slaughtered in the Islamic manner.

2. It should not be harmful in the short term or long term.

A halal product is, no doubt, safer, purer, holistic and more hygienic. When you buy a trustworthy halal product you’re in a win-win situation. On one hand you have a quality product with good ingredients to beautify and care yourself with, and on the other hand, you know that you’re not compromising on your faith, belief, and ethical values.

Now that Halal personal care products are one click away, we Muslims should avail the opportunity. This is a blessing we should certainly make use of!