What Makes A Perfume Halal?

Halal is anything that adheres to Islamic law. It is based on the holy book of the Quran. The concept of Halal is not just applicable to food but to anything used by the people who believe in mindful consumption. From a broad perspective, halal products can be used by anyone who believes in the purity, cleanliness, and safety of animals. But with the advancement of technology and thrive to achieve cost-reduction, most perfumes and personal care items these days are directly non-halal or are made of non-halal ingredients. For example, gelatin is the most common ingredient used in making shampoos, face masks, toothpaste, etc. and it is made of animal hair, skin, and bones. Similarly, ethanol which is alcohol is used in perfume manufacturing. These ingredients are considered haram in the Quran.

Most of the products that claim to be halal are not halal as it might include haram ingredients directly or indirectly. This is the reason why one should only trust brands with Halal certification. Islamic beliefs have never been against fragrances. Prophet Muhammed had a big fondness for good scents and he used them frequently too. He has always encouraged Muslims to stay clean, presentable, and healthy. But alternatives for the daily deodorants or perfumes for Muslims that are halal were sparse until some brands like Lafz which are halal-certified came in.

Halal perfumes must contain zero alcohol. The presence of alcohol in any form like ethyl alcohol or alcohol denat is considered Haram. Also, Islamic law doesn’t believe in animal cruelty. For the same reason, none of the formation used for product manufacturing must contain animal-derived ingredients. The products should neither be tested on animals to be halal. It must only include safe, natural, and organic ingredients. Checking the ingredients before buying the product is advisable for mindful consumption. However, it is better to go with Halal-certified brands to ensure the 100% guarantee on Halal. In short, the perfumes manufactured with no animal by-products and alcohol in any form, ingredients harmful to consumers, and any other haram additive can be called as a halal perfume.

Lafz is the world’s first Halal-certified brand with no-alcohol sprays. Among other halal perfume brands, this one stands out by using organic ingredients including aloe vera and vetiver which not only are natural but also helps in moisturizing the skin. They are dermatologically tested and are suitable for all skin types.

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