What are the benefits of using Halal products?




Fragrances, cosmetics and skin care products are a part of almost every woman’s life. On a daily basis, women use products but are not entirely aware of the ingredients used and the health issues they could face. Top brands use chemicals like Paraben, Phthalates, Triclosan and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate that could have side effects on your health, which could further lead to chronic medical conditions. But with the rising popularity of Halal Products, women are becoming more mindful about what they apply to their skin. 




This sudden change among women about cosmetic products has pushed brands to think HALAL. If you don’t know what Halal means. It is an Arabic word, which means ‘Permissible or Acceptable’ according to Islamic law. Which means all the skincare or cosmetic products shouldn’t have ingredients like alcohol and animal fat. But then, Halal Products are not just about religion or Muslim women. The natural ingredients used in halal products have created awareness among other women as well. Continue reading to know the benefits of using Halal Products.



Healthy Skin: Cosmetic and skincare products can cause severe health issues like infertility, cancer, skin allergies and facial stinging. Whether Muslim or Non-Muslim, many women have chosen to switch from chemical-based products to Halal Products. The ingredients used in making halal cosmetic or skincare products are plant-based/natural, thus making it absolutely healthy and safe to use. Leaving your skin feeling hydrated without damaging your skin.


Say Bye to Dryness: If you take a look at ingredients mentioned on the packaging of the skincare products, you will notice that most of them have alcohol in it. From toners to creams. They all have it.  Ethanol, Isopropyl, Denat and Methanol alcohols act as a preservative and help other ingredients in these products to penetrate the skin. However, these alcohols damage your skin, taking away its moisture, making it dry, causing irritation and breakouts. Overuse of alcohol-based products will further dry your skin, as a result of which your skin will no longer be able to lock in moisture. Halal products remove the risk of skin dryness. 


No Breakouts, Irritation and Internal Issues: Breakouts and skin irritation/allergy are common issues faced by those who use cosmetic and skincare products. The chemicals used in products clog the pores causing blackheads, which if not taken care of can lead to acne. These products can also cause redness, irritation or skin allergies. How to avoid this from happening? Switching to halal products. With no alcohol, animal fat or harmful chemicals being used in halal products, it helps reduce these issues completely.


Apart from this, by switching to halal products you will save yourself from health issues. As creams, moisturizers or other products penetrate the skin, there are chances of it affecting your bloodstream. The harsh chemicals directly damage the skin and can lead to very serious issues in the long run. 


Whenever purchasing any beauty products make sure to check the ingredients and read about these ingredients. It’s vital to be aware of what you use on your skin. So, given that Halal Products have natural ingredients used, it is completely safe to say that Halal Products is the way to get that healthy, glowing and younger-looking skin.

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