Anyone can make their halal perfume last longer with a few tips. Halal perfumes are made of organic, natural, and safe ingredients. They don’t cause any side effects on the skin. The organic ingredients used in halal perfumes make it soothing to the skin too. They can be worn all day even during prayers as they are made with halal products. Halal perfumes are manufactured with no animal by-products, alcohol, and harmful ingredients. Below are a few tips to make your halal perfume last longer.

1. Body and clothes

Using perfumes directly on skin rather than just on clothes can make the perfumes last for 12-24 hours. Halal perfumes are alcohol-free and hence can be worn even during prayers.

2. Using halal perfumes right after the shower

Spraying the perfume on a damp surface helps in locking the scent. This way the clothes won’t get stained with perfumes. It is also important to wait until the scent dry off as wearing clothes immediately might rub off the perfume.

3. Spraying on the right spots

Spraying the halal perfume on pulse points helps them stay longer. These are warm areas and they can diffuse the scent all across the body. Pulse points include wrists, inside of elbows, neck, behind the knees, and below midriff.

4. Storage

The storage of perfume bottles also places an important role when it comes to fragrance. High humidity can adversely affect the fragrance in the bottle. It is advisable to store the halal perfumes in cool places away from direct sunlight.

5. Right halal product

Not all products that claim to be halal are halal. All though there might not be direct ingredients specified, there is a high chance that the ingredients are made from haram items. For this, it is advisable to go for brands with halal-certified ingredients. Because halal perfumes from brands like Lafz are made of aloe vera and vetiver which not only enhances the performances but also helps in moisturizing the underarms. The presence of tea tree oil extract and triclosan neutralizes the smell of sweat with its antibacterial properties which give long-lasting effects to the perfumes on skin. 

Lafz is the best halal perfume with a halal certificate available in the current market. It ensures no use of alcohol, animal-derived or harmful ingredients. Since made with natural and organic ingredients the scent by Lafz perfumes can stay from 12 hours to 24 hours on the body.

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