For muslims, using halal products is a conscious decision and a way of life. It is imperative to use a fragrance which is halal and alcohol free.

Halal Fragrances Are the Next big Thing

Fragrances have been a part of our lives since forever. While it is important for us to look good, it is equally important to smell good. Especially when we are stepping out. Isn’t it?

And we have many options to choose from. However, we fail to understand which fragrance would be safer for us to use. For instance, attar and perfume. Do we understand the differences or which one is better for us? Moreover, we don’t know if these fragrances are halal or haram?

The Difference: Attar & Perfume

This blog will help you understand the difference between attar and perfume and if these fragrances are halal or haram. 

Attar, also known as Ittar or Itira, is an essential oil derived from botanical sources like flowers and herbs. It has been traditionally made in Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh for centuries. Hence, getting the name ‘The Perfume City of India’. Attar is considered as one of the treasured possessions given to mankind by Prophet Muhammad and is as ancient as 60,000 years old. The oil is concentrated and doesn’t require more than just a dab. Thus, it lasts much longer than perfumes. The best thing about attar is, it is alcohol-free and is safe to apply directly on the skin. Also, did you know attar is classified based on the effect it has on the body? There are two categories — Warm and Cool Attars. The warm one is usually used in winters, as it increases the temperature of the body. Whereas, the cool ones are used in the summers, as it keeps the body temperature cool.

There are many known facts about attar that proves to be safe for us. It comes under halal fragrances, meaning it is pure and made out of natural ingredients.

While on the other hand, perfumes are a mixture of synthetic and natural scent compounds. This mixture is diluted in a base of volatile refined alcohol. Majority of these artificial compounds are from petrochemicals. Which is not at all good for us. Studies have proved few ingredients like Parabens, Phthalates and Synthetic Musk present in perfumes that are a matter of concern. A study conducted by the Environmental Working Group shows that mothers wearing perfumes that contain synthetic musk could be toxic to newborns.

There are many other reports that prove the existence of ingredients in perfumes that are toxic to our health. So how do we tackle this situation? It is clear that fragrances are a part of our daily lives and with perfumes not being good for our health we have seen a need for alcohol-free fragrances or halal products. These attars are safe and organic. And halal fragrances have become so popular and in high demand among many people in recent times, brands have introduced Halal Perfumes, Deodorants and Body Sprays for men and women. Lafz has a range of Halal based personal care products that abide by the halal standards. Our products don’t contain alcohol, parabens or any animal ingredients. 

Now that there is a safer choice in fragrances — Halal Fragrances — would you still go for the alcohol-based perfumes?

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